This reserve covers a wilderness area of almost 100km² on the eastern tip of the Blouberg Mountain situated in the north-

western part of Limpopo Province, 120km from Polokwane (Pietersburg).

The difference in topography (848m-1436m) gives rise to a variety of plant communities which on turn house a diverse

array of animal life. The mountain divides the reserve in distinctive southern and northern plains, each with its unique

climate, soil types and vegetation. The perennial Brak-river and its associated floodplain cuts through the reserve in the


Four different vegetation types are covered by the reserve namely Limpopo Sweet Bushveld, Roodeberg Bushveld,

Soutpansberg Mountain Bushveld and Soutpansberg Summit Sourveld.

The flagship species of this protected area is the Cape Vulture. This vulture species listed as threatened, breeds on the

southern cliff face of the mountain and the colony is considered to be the largest in this specie’s range. This

reserve is very popular with birders, not only because of the vulture colony but there are 232 other species like numerous

raptors and the Crested Guineafowl to mention a few.

This piece of bushveld will not disappoint the avid game viewer. Bush roads cross the reserve through all the areas which

are favoured by game to ensure the best opportunity to the visitor. The reserve’s biggest asset is surely its large trees.

Baobabs and tambotis are abundant and the fig forest is a special place that must not be missed.

Short history

Farms were bought up by the government in the 70’s for the purpose of extending the homeland of Lebowa. Some

foresighted persons within South African Development Trust realised the area’s potential in terms of biodiversity and

motivated its proclamation as a protected area. This was achieved in the early 80’s. In 1989 an additional portion of land

was added to comprise the reserve as it is known today.

Management and administration

The Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism is currently responsible for the

management on this reserve, together with 44 other protected areas within the province.

The tourism venture is outsourced to Kune Moya

GPS Co-ords: S22°59'02.9'' E029°08'
Blouberg Nature Reserve
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